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TimeSheet – record your work time

By Detector | 29 May 2010

If you are project developer or freelancer, TimeSheet is excellent tool for you. It’s a time recording tool, that works on Windows platform. The app will keep track of the spent hours on each task and...
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Google in search for quality employees

By Detector | 28 May 2010

Matias Duarte, the chief designer of WebOS User Interface leaves from Palm and is already new Google employee. The former Palm’s user interface expert will work as a User Experience Director for Android. His experience will...
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How to get microphone to work on Ubuntu

By Detector | 27 May 2010

If you are using Skype or other VoIP software, after installing Ubuntu your microphone does not work. Why? The point is that microphone is muted by default installation. If you want to unmute your mic, go...
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Google Chrome 5 – out of beta on all platforms

By Detector | 27 May 2010

Google Chrome is available for download for Windows Linux and MacOS – written in native code for all platforms, it brings significant performance improvements, lightning fast JavaScript execution engine and support for important HTML5 features, including...
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Fedora 13 released

By Detector | 26 May 2010

Fedora project has released Fedora 13 codenamed “Goddard” after the rocket scientist Robert Hutchings Goddard – and with slogan “Rock It” is ready for download. For the people who do not know about Fedora, the Fedora...
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Install Global Menu on Ubuntu 10.04

By Detector | 25 May 2010

Global Menu is a gnome panel applet like Mac OS Bar – shared menu bar of almost all Gnome apps (Firefox and OpenOffice did not work because they use different rendering engine), so it saves space,...
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WebM – HTML5 video solution

By Detector | 21 May 2010

A HTML5 video codec issues are temporary under control with new announced open web video format called WebM. We are happy to announce that this format at this moment is supported by Mozilla and Opera also....
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Overclockers, test your CPU for stability before any action

By Detector | 19 May 2010

Warning: There are no safe values when overclocking the processor, so besides the recommended values after these tests – you do overclock at your own risk. Many overclockers make the same mistake over and over –...
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Linux kernel 2.6.34

By Detector | 18 May 2010

A new version of the Linux kernel, 2.6.34, has been released by Linus Torvalds, announced like “Nothing very interesting here, which is just how I like it,” – featuring two new file systems and a number...
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Change Windows 7 Explorer Startup location

By Detector | 17 May 2010

If you migrate from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7, you have noticed that windows explorer default open path is set to Libraries. That’s unusual for XP and Vista users, so if you accessing to...
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Mozilla Checking Plug-ins for ALL

By Detector | 15 May 2010

Mozilla has expanded the possibility of checking version of browser plug-ins in all major browsers currently available on the market.
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Is not about technology, but it’s cool

By Detector | 13 May 2010

There is nothing about technology in this article, but it is very cool: Sir Ian McKellen, a famous actor playing Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings – Trilogy, Magneto in X-Men series and many other...
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Gianduia – Apple Flash replacement

By Detector | 10 May 2010

Apple is preparing an alternative to Flash and other similar closed source technologies that requires installation of a separate plugin. The project name is Gianduia – named by Italian chocolate. Technology was presented at last year’s...
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Skype and Yahoo messenger worms – warning

By Detector | 09 May 2010

Security experts found a new spread of computer viruses in messages in the Yahoo Messenger and Skype. Messages contain links that mimic picture files. It comes with question: Does my new hair style look good? bad?...
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Canonical – Ubuntu licenses H.264

By Detector | 07 May 2010

Canonical following the Apple and Microsoft steps, already licensed H.264/AVC codec and they are the only Linux company that purchase patented non-free video technology. The other big Linux distros like Fedora or Suse still didn’t make...
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Ubuntu tweak – download now

By Detector | 05 May 2010

This is quick post, grab the latest copy of ubuntu tweak – Ubuntu 10.04 optimized, double click on .deb file to install and have fun tweaking your system. There are many DetectorPRO posts about ubuntu tweak...
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Migrate your Thunderbird from XP to Windows 7

By Detector | 05 May 2010

You are migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 and you are stuck with your mail client: How to transfer all your mails, attachments, contacts, account settings and plugins to the new Windows 7? Well, that’s...
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Install Vuze on Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10

By Detector | 04 May 2010

Here is new manual how to install Vuze (all versions) on Ubuntu 10.04 + . We need to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) first. Becouse JRE from this Ubuntu version are in partner repositories we must...
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