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Skype Football – Free landline calls to qualifying countries in FIFA World Cup 2010

By Detector | 26 June 2010

Skype is offering free Skype calls to landlines or mobiles (for USA mobiles only) to your favorite countries that are qualified in FIFA World Cup 2010. As a part of Word Cup 2010 celebrations, you can...
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Save Your Time by Using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Shortcuts

By Detector | 25 June 2010

Do you know that time spent on a particular program which we use in everyday work as Microsoft Word, and using only your mouse for commands, can be significantly decreased if you use Word with keyword...
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VLC Media Player 1.1.0 released – no SHOUTcast

By Detector | 22 June 2010

VLC Media Player, one of the lead cross platform multimedia player is released in new version – 1.1.0. The new release has hardware video acceleration for smooth HD video on all platforms, WebM video support and...
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Remove Windows 7 Genuine Advantage Notification

By Detector | 21 June 2010

If your Windows 7 is not licensed it is very possible to get the Microsoft update in form of WGA Notification – Windows Genuine Advantage Notification or GENUINE warning. If you are infected with these warnings...
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WordPress 3.0 released

By Detector | 18 June 2010

WordPress released version 3.0 of their popular blogging platform. This released is nicknamed “Thelonious” and is the one of major releases of the software that contains over 2,700 changes — including 1,217 bug fixes – that...
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FFmpeg 0.6 released

By Detector | 16 June 2010

There is a more than a year from last FFmpeg 0.5 release and now the new version comes with a lot of improvements relevant to HTML5 video – included support for Google’s VP8 codec / WebM...
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New MacMini, fresh and super slim

By Detector | 16 June 2010

Mac Mini is completely redesigned. It’s been a long time from last update but the new little box comes with all bells and whistles for regular, HTPC and office users. The redesigned Mac Mini has thinner...
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Make noise with your vuvuzela phone like World Cup South Africa

By Detector | 14 June 2010

If you watch World Cup 2010 you already notice the angry horn – vuvuzela noise. They’re very popular in Africa for sport events: when blown, it makes sound like angry bees attack!! And they’re annoying; you...
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Adobe released Flash Player 10.1

By Detector | 11 June 2010

Adobe has finally released Flash Player 10.1, a major update of its web media plugin. The most notably and the most criticized and also most wanted change is the implemented GPU hardware acceleration, which can speed...
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10 quality backgrounds – FIFA 2010 South Africa

By Detector | 11 June 2010

Here is 10 high quality Fifa World Cup 2010 – South Africa wallpapers. To download the full size picture, click on the thumbnail and after full picture load – right click – save image as.. to...
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Mozilla implements WebM video support

By Detector | 10 June 2010

Mozilla has officially added WebM video support to the nightly builds of Firefox. WebM video support will be a part of newcomer Firefox 4, the next version of the popular browser which will be released later...
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Save Time with Windows Shortcuts While Driving Around Your Desktop

By Detector | 08 June 2010

If you’re looking to work more efficiently in Microsoft Windows, any version, the computer shortcuts will be real help for you. DetectorPRO will try to provide you universal computer shortcuts for some of most usable Windows...
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Intel Moorestown without Windows support

By Detector | 07 June 2010

Microsoft and Windows are depressed from Intel announce last days, when Intel spokesman Claudine Mangano said that the new processor Atom Z600 (Moorestown) will never support Windows OS. Although, the chips will be x86 architecture, they...
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Set custom background on Google search

By Detector | 04 June 2010

Google recently enable custom backgrounds to be used in Google main search page. This page was always authentic and knows for its minimalistic look, but following the growing success of Bing search engine that has full...
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Google switch to Mac and Linux

By Detector | 03 June 2010

Google employes worldwide are replacing Windows across its entire company due to security concerns. According to a few sources from the company, the decision comes as consequence when Google China was hacked. The investigation shows that...
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Firefox 4 with sync integrated

By Detector | 02 June 2010

Mozilla’s Weave Syncing tool, which syncs your personal data across multiple PCs and mobile devices, is now official part of the Firefox 4 roadmap. Mozilla Weave Sync is still add-on but it will be integrated into...
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Movie Posters Archive

By Detector | 01 June 2010

Need some movie poster for your blog, desktop or some design inspiration? Look no further, Movie Posters Archive is the real place. You can find movie posters on or google images also, but here the...
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