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Universal app installer for Linux

By Detector | 31 January 2011


The idea of one universal package format for all distributions has been around for years. Newly introduced Apple App store service accelerates the unified Linux package discussions and we hope that this will give highly effective...
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12 torrent pages extinguished

By Detector | 31 January 2011


BREIN in the last two years (temporarily) shut down over 1,000 torrent pages, and now they join forces with MPAA for better privacy protection. Last week they announce that have great success week against piracy and...
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Google 2011 roadmap will improve slow growth of Android Apps sales

By Detector | 27 January 2011


While Google’s Android mobile platform is experiencing considerable growth, the number of purchased Android Apps is in bad condition. In effort to improve sales and to make the platform more interested for developers, Google announce 2011...
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Google weather for Android and iPhone

By Detector | 25 January 2011


Google surprise again, with the Google weather search for Android and iPhone users. In Google search, widget or you just need to enter “weather” without quotes and google in real time based on your location...
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Make Print Server with Ubuntu

By Detector | 24 January 2011


You have spare oldie machine at your office or in home? And a usb printer too? Your wireless print server is too expensive for you? How about to connect your spare computer with you printer so...
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13 Tricks to Extend Laptop Battery Life

By Detector | 22 January 2011

laptop battery life

The real “Achilles heel” for mobile devices, especially laptops, notebooks and net-books is battery. All mobile manufacture companies make a continuous struggle to produce batteries with bigger capacity and more energy savings.
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Lenovo invests in NEC

By Detector | 21 January 2011


Chinese Lenovo and the Japanese company NEC are in the final stages of talks for a investment in the personal computer business. This investment will improve Lenovo position on a global PC market. Lenovo may take...
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The all time most popular apps for iPhone and iPad

By Detector | 20 January 2011


Apple has recently published the all time most popular app list for iPhone and iPad. The list is consisted of most download free and payable apps: Most popular payable apps for iPhone: Doodle Jump Tap Tap...
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Download PDFZilla for Free until February

By Detector | 18 January 2011


PDFZilla is superb software for converting a PDF documents into a various other formats. The software supports PDF to Microsoft Word .doc format or PDF to (RTF, TXT, images, HTML, SWF) while preserving the original quality...
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Steve Jobs Taking Leave of Absence for medical reasons

By Detector | 17 January 2011

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is once again taking a leave of absence from the company for medical reasons. Earlier today, Jobs sent the absence e-mail, according to the Apple statement: Team, At my request, the board...
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Qualcomm in new iPhone and iPad?

By Detector | 16 January 2011


According to Engadget trusted sources, Apple in new iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will use Qualcomm chipset instead of Infineon solutions for mobile communications. There is rumor that already iPhone 4 for Verizon is based on...
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Google Translate app for Android

By Detector | 14 January 2011


Google has released an update for the Google Translate app for Android. Translate for Android has several updates for improved interaction, better dropdown boxes for selecting the language, an improved input box, and cleaner icons and...
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Facebook Memorable Stories

By Detector | 13 January 2011

Facebook is reportedly testing out a “Memorable Stories” application that collects users status updates from the past year and give you a text retrospective of your own thoughts. According to selected users who have been seen...
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How to buy and sell music on Facebook

By Detector | 13 January 2011


You are musician and you have many fans on Facebook but unlike MySpace, music and recordings are not huge part of Facebook pages because Facebook doesn’t have integrated tools for easy connecting with potential music fans....
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Color Note – excellent free Android App

By Detector | 12 January 2011


Color Note is a simple note app. And it’s FREE. It give you a quick and simple note editing experience when you write notes, emails, message, shopping lists and to-do lists. The best of all is...
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Joomla 1.6 improved and modernized

By Detector | 11 January 2011


The Joomla 1.6 is released yesterday, which features improvements in any aspect. The new version of Joomla 1.6 was in development 3 years. The project has about 80 volunteer developers including several who manage the core...
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Gingerbread keyboard on Android Market

By Detector | 11 January 2011


Recently we wrote about how to install the new Android Gingerbread keyboard, but that process was more advanced for some users. Now, the growing popularity of Android Gingerbread keyboard made it available on Android Market with...
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Easily break WPA wireless security

By Detector | 10 January 2011


German computer security expert, Thomas Roth, announced that he developed software that enables relatively easy and inexpensive cracking for security wireless network codes protected by WPA-PSK standard. In fact, Roth has developed software that can run...
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Welcome to the Mac App Store

By Detector | 07 January 2011


Apple’s concept of online app store for iPhone and iPad made a revolution for mobile users and even more for app developers. On this app store, each application must be checked by Apple to meet the...
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9 Best Compact Printers for Small Offices

By Detector | 05 January 2011


Recent advances in technology have radically transformed both the way people do business and the places from where that business gets done. In an increasingly mobile world, fuelled by rapid advances in technology – from smaller...
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